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@@ -67,6 +67,10 @@ Generally, this is due constraints set by your hosting provider, limiting the ex
The issue and [solutions are detailed in WordPress FAQ](, please read this article before complaining to me.
+= Can I import content step by step ? =
+Yes, you can. I designed this plugin to let you have the opportunity to import one kind of content at a time. So you should be able to import news first, then re-run the importer process to only import pages, then do it again for forums and so on...
= Why accents in my imported content are replaced by strange characters ? =
Looks like you have some kind of Unicode transcoding errors. Before running e107 Importer, your e107 site must be fully encoded in UTF-8. If it's not the case, please have a look at the [*Upgrading database content to UTF-8*]( article on e107 wiki.

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