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Pyro411 commented Jun 10, 2011

I got a fun one for you unfortunately.

When importing in to Wordpress 3.1.3 with bbpress 2.0-beta-2b from e107 v0.7.25 with e107-importer everything imports but within every forum and forum topic imported none of the replies link to the forum topics, but all replies do show up within the admin console with the name of the Forum and topic they're supposed to be attached to.


kdeldycke commented Jun 22, 2011

My brain is slow today... I'm not sure I grasp all details of this issue. :( Can you provide some screenshots with URLs ?

kdeldycke was assigned Jun 22, 2011

Pyro411 commented Jun 22, 2011

No problem

The original website I'm transferring data from is now at with a screenshot of a small portion of the forums at

After importing everything in to my temp wordpress install at the forums looks like the following, note how it shows only 1 voice per thread

Unfortunately I found all of the replies under the replies section in the admin section as seen below, and if you hit view all of the proper replies are threaded together, just not attached to the proper thread.

Also as a side note, I just checked out one of those threads migrated and image files are not imported but are linked in the following manner and not properly displaying in the threads which from the looks/sounds of it, it's a completely different monster.


kdeldycke commented Jun 23, 2011

Have you tried to re-compute all thread metadata ? It's available under the Tools > Recount admin menu. Does that fix some issues ?

For the unparsed BBCode, did you ask the plugin to parse them ? If so, still having BBCodes in your imported content means the import process didn't manage to finish all steps: BBCode parsing is one of the last step performed during import.

At the end I think all your missing and broken forum content is because the import process had not enough time to finish. You can tell by not having the "Finished !" / "Have fun !" message at the end of the import report.

Importing big forums takes lots of time. For example, on my 1.5GHz laptop, it takes more than an hour to import a forum with 18000+ replies. That's expected as I didn't design this plugin for performances (doesn't make sense for a one-time migration plugin).

So at one point, the script will reach an execution timeout from Apache, MySQL or PHP. See the "Why the import process fail, or do not end well ?" item of the FAQ.


kdeldycke commented Jul 4, 2011

Having no reply from Pyro411, I assume my answer solved his issue. So let's close this ticket.

kdeldycke closed this Jul 4, 2011

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