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Plumage, a Pelican theme

Plumage is a clean and tidy theme for Pelican, a static site generator.

I initially created this theme for my blog, but it is now generic enough to be used by anyone.


  • Standard Pelican views:

    Plumage article view Plumage categories view Plumage tiered tag list view
    Article Categories Tiered tag list
    Plumage archive view Plumage tag view Plumage authors view
    Collapsible yearly archives Tagged articles Authors
    Plumage archive view
    Faceted article browsing
  • Projects template:

    Plumage projects: code showcase Plumage projects: videos showcase Plumage projects: themes showcase
    Code showcase (source) Videos showcase (source) Themes showcase (source)
  • Based on Bootstrap v5.

  • Code syntax highlighting with 30+ styles.

  • Site-wide static search via Stork.

  • Bare YouTube links in articles gets rendered as embedded videos:

    Plumage YouTube link

  • Direct link to edit articles on GitHub:

    Plumage GitHub edit link

  • Magnifying glass overlays on images and zoom:

    Plumage image magnifying glass Plumage image zoom

  • External assets (Bootstrap, Jquery, etc...) uses CDNjs .

  • Disqus integration:

    Plumage disqus comments


Plumage has built-in support for the following plugins and extensions:

Plugin name Type Status Notes
pelican-image-process Pelican plugin Optional Embed a hack to fix parsing of external images.
pelican-neighbors Pelican plugin Optional
pelican-related-posts Pelican plugin Optional
pelican-similar-posts Pelican plugin Optional
pelican-search Pelican plugin Optional
pelican-webassets Pelican plugin Required
markdown.extensions.admonition Markdown extension Optional Re-style admonitions into alerts.
markdown.extensions.codehilite Markdown extension Optional Style highlighted code with Pygment style.
markdown.extensions.toc Markdown extension Optional Adds permalink anchors to article's subtitles.
pymdownx.highlight Markdown extension Optional Style highlighted code with Pygment style.
typogrify Pelican builtin Optional Style ampersands.


Install this theme using the main branch of this Github repo.

If you're already using poetry to manage dependency of Pelican project, you need to run just

poetry add git+

Or, can manually add the following line in the [tool.poetry.dependencies] section of the pyproject.toml file.

plumage = {git = "", rev = "main"}

Once added, run poetry update to reflect this new dependency.

Note: If you haven't used poetry in the project yet, you need to do so before adding plumage. You can do that by first installing poetry on your system and then running poetry init inside the project folder.

Then, once you're done installing the plumage module, update your file to reference the module:

import plumage

THEME = plumage.get_path()

On first run, Plumage will try to install Node.js package dependencies via the npm CLI:

$ poetry run pelican --verbose ./content
WARNING: postcss CLI not found.
-> Install Plumage's Node.js dependencies from (…)/plumage/package.json:
  |   {
  |     "name": "plumage-webassets-pipeline",
  |     "description": "Plumage dependencies for the webassets compilation pipeline.",
  |     "dependencies": {
  |       "postcss-cli": "^8.3.1"
  |     }
  |   }

up to date, audited 96 packages in 984ms

found 0 vulnerabilities
-> postcss CLI found at (…)/plumage/node_modules/.bin/postcss


Plumage can be customized by adding these optional parameters to your file:

Setting name Default value Description
ARTICLE_EDIT_LINK Generate an edit link besides each article. Can use %(slug)s to include dynamic article's slug in the link.
CODE_STYLE "monokai" Pygments' style ID. Choose one from poetry run pygmentize -L styles.
COPYRIGHT Additional copyright statement to add in the third column of the footer.
DISCLAIMER Override the disclaimer notice that gets displayed at the fourth column of the footer.
DISQUS_SITENAME Pelican can handle Disqus comments. Specify the Disqus sitename identifier here.
FAVICON_LINKS True Fetch link's icons from Google's favicons webservice.
GOOGLE_ANALYTICS Set to UA-XXXXXX-Y Property's tracking ID to activate Google Analytics.
LEFT_SIDEBAR HTML content to put as-is in the left sidebar.
LINKS_WIDGET_NAME "Links" Allows override of the name of the links widget.
LINKS A list of tuples (Title, URL) for links to appear in the second column of the footer.
MANUAL_LINKS When enabling this, you must pass the links (in LINKS & SOCIAL settings) not as tuples anymore, but as list, where every entry is formatted as you like
MENUITEMS A list of tuples (Title, URL) for additional menu items to appear at the beginning of the main menu.
RIGHT_SIDEBAR HTML content to put as-is in the right sidebar.
SITESUBTITLE A subtitle to appear in the header.
SITE_THUMBNAIL_TEXT Text displayed behind site's thumbnail.
SITE_THUMBNAIL Site's thumbnail URL as displayed in the header. Should be a square image of at least 80x80 pixels.
SOCIAL_WIDGET_NAME "Social" Allows override of the name of the “social” widget.
SOCIAL A list of tuples (Title, URL) to appear in the first columns of the footer.
STORK_SEARCH False Activate Stork static search engine. Requires the official Pelican's search plugin.

Most of these parameters are similar to notmyidea's (Pelican's default theme). For usage example, please have a look into my own .

The theme is also sensible to this list of standard Pelican parameters :


Code Syntax Highlighting

There is two alternatives, all relying on Pygments syntax highlighter, sharing most features, with some differences:

Feature CodeHilite Highlight
Clean copy and paste
Line numbering
Right justified numbers
Line start offset
Multiple line highlight
Nth line highlight
Long line wraps
Long line overflow (scrollbar)
Sticky left gutter
Line anchors WIP @ Pygments

Just add this configuration to, which allows us to pass extra options to Pygments' HTML formatter:

    "extension_configs": {
        "markdown.extensions.codehilite": {
            "css_class": "codehilite",  # Default
            "linenums": True,
            "linenos": "inline",
            "linespans": "coderow",
            "lineanchors": "L",
            "anchorlinenos": True,
            "wrapcode": True,
        "markdown.extensions.fenced_code": {},

This will render this:

```{.shell-session hl_lines="8 11" linenostart="5" linenospecial="3" filename="~/code/foo.log"}
$ cat ./example.markdown
This is the content of the file:
→ java
→ rust
→ haskell
→ javascript

$ cat ./addendum.txt
This is extra content.

$ find ./ -iname "*.markdown" -print -exec bash -c 'cat ./addendum.txt >> "{}"' \;
$ cat ./example.markdown
This is the content of the file:
→ java
→ rust
→ haskell
→ javascript

This is extra content.


Into this:

Plumage Python Markdown CodeHilite rendering

Just add this configuration to your

    "extension_configs": {
        "pymdownx.highlight": {
            "linenums": True,
            "linenums_style": "pymdownx-inline",
        "pymdownx.superfences": {},

This will render this:

```{.shell-session hl_lines="8 11" linenums="5 1 3" filename="~/code/foo.log"}
$ cat ./example.markdown
This is the content of the file:
→ java
→ rust
→ haskell
→ javascript

$ cat ./addendum.txt
This is extra content.

$ find ./ -iname "*.markdown" -print -exec bash -c 'cat ./addendum.txt >> "{}"' \;
$ cat ./example.markdown
This is the content of the file:
→ java
→ rust
→ haskell
→ javascript

This is extra content.


Into this:

Plumage PyMdown Extensions' Highlight rendering

CSS customization

TODO: document all kind customization below

Python code transforms at generation via pyquery

Use of extra_css

Custom main.scss


How can I disable the zoom on images?

All images of an article are zoomable by default. You can deactivate the magnifying glass per-image by adding a noZoom CSS class. So instead of the following Markdown code:

![Image title](/folder/image.png)

You have to use the following template to deactivate the zoom of an image:

![Image title](/folder/image.png){: .noZoom}

Why is the search not working?

The official Pelican's search plugin needs to be installed.

TODO: Activate search field automaticcaly if the plugin is present.


This software is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2 or later (GPLv2+).

Copyright (C) 2012-2020 Kevin Deldycke and contributors.

Third-party assets

The theme embed copies of some external software, scripts, libraries and artworks:

jQuery MGlass v1.1
Copyright (c) 2012 Younès El Biache
Distributed under a MIT license
Fabric (Plaid)
Copyright (c) 2012 James Basoo
Distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license
Cream paper
Copyright (c) 2012 Devin Holmes
Distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license
Feather-alt icon v5.1.0
Copyright (c) 2020 Font Awesome project
Distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license
Macro shot of White Feather