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Combined with a crontab job, looks regularly for torrent files in a f…

…older and start downloads automaticcaly.
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+# Path of the temporary repository where people upload their torrents file
+# Be sure mldonkey will be able to process files
+chown -R mldonkey:root $P
+# Get the list of all files in the repository
+files=`ls $P`
+# Send each file to mldonkey
+for torrent_name in $files; do
+ tor=$P/$torrent_name
+ # TODO: do url encoding here
+ wget -q -O /dev/null "http://localhost:4080/submit?q=dllink+$tor"
+ # TODO: do not remove if mldonkey doesn't accept the torrent
+ rm -f $tor
+ done
+# Let everybody upload new torrent files to the repository
+chmod -R 666 $P
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