Mathematical libraries in different programming languages to help developers understand mathematical concepts
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Clounce Mathematical Library Supplement to Articles

This repository is a supplement to show how the Mathematical concepts described in different articles within the website can be implemented in different lanauages.

Please note that the code in this repository might not be optimal for performance or hardware limitations, as the scope of these libraries is as an aid to understand the articles.

Repository Structure

The repository is structured by programming language and each programmming language has a lib folder which contains the code forming part of the library and another folder for examples

  - programming language
    └ lib
    └ examples

Note on the programming language choice

The programming languages where chosen out of interest of the library developer. There is nothing binding thelanguages and any programming language can be use with existing mathematical libraries or by defining your own classes.

Dart Library

The dart folder contains a valid Dart library that can be used in dart projects. Dart mathamtical functions are a little limited when when the project started. Thus an attempt for a proper library with optimisations has been considered.

The library is under MIT license like all the rest of the code in this repository.