A population receptive field estimation tool
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popeye is a Python module for estimating population receptive fields from fMRI data built on top of SciPy and distributed under the 3-Clause BSD license.

Documentation for popeye and contact information for the authors are available at https://kdesimone.github.io/popeye

popeye is currently under development.

31 July 2013 kevin desimone kevindesimone@gmail.com


Popeye is tested to work under Python 2.7 and Python 3.5

The required dependencies to build the software are NumPy >= 1.6.2, SciPy >= 0.9, Nibabel >= 1.3.0, Cython >= 0.18, sharedmem >= 0.3, and statsmodels >= 0.6.

For running the tests you need nose >= 1.1.2.


You can install popeye and its dependencies through PyPi:

pip install popeye

Or you can install from the source. To install in your home directory, use:

python setup.py install --user

To install for all users on Unix/Linux:

python setup.py build
sudo python setup.py install

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