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A grab-bag of stuff that I've done with AWS
Python HCL
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Grab-bag of utilities and other stuff that I use with AWS. Easier to keep track of as a project rather than lots of gists.


Directory Contents
cloudwatch-log-cleanup Deletes CloudWatch log streams that are empty because of the log group's retention period.
cloudwatch-log-transform Transforms CloudWatch Logs events from a Kinesis stream.
elb-to-es Imports Elastic Load Balancer logfiles into Elasticsearch.
es-cleanup-signed Cleans up old indexes from an Elasticsearch cluster. See this for more info.
es-cleanup-unsigned An Elasticsearch cleanup Lambda for clusters that allow unsigned access.
json-logging A module that will configure the Python logging framework for JSON output with Lambda-specific metadata.


Directory Contents
provision-via-bastion Example of provisioning an instance via a bastion host.
users-and-groups Example of table-driven generation of users, groups, and group permissions.

Command-line utilities

Each is documented in its header, and exposes functions that may be useful for other programs.

Note: to run you must have boto3 installed.

Program Description Populates environment variables from the parameters and outputs of a CloudFormation stack. Spawns a subshell with authentication credentials for a specified role.


Isolated pieces of code or configuration, intended to be pasted elsewhere.

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