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This is a module that enables JSON output from the standard Python logging library. It is intended to be uploaded as (or part of) a Lambda layer, and will include Lambda execution information in the JSON output.

The module itself is; it lives in the python directory because that's how Lambda wants to see modules in layers. There are two parts to this module:

  • JSONFormatter is a formatter for the Python logging framework that converts a LogRecord into JSON, using a format similar to the JSONLayout class from my AWS appenders for Java (because high-level consistency is important in structured logging).
  • configure_logging() is a function that is intended to be called from the Lambda handler. It ensures that the logging framework uses JSONFormatter (by default it uses its own formatter), and extracts information from the current invocation context (which is why it's called from the inside the handler, and not as part of the Lambda initialization code).

To prepare this for use, simply ZIP it up (possibly with other modules) and upload as a layer:

zip /tmp/ python/

Next, write your Lambda function to use this layer. I've included a sample that expects the "Hello World" test event as input:

import json
import jsonlogging
import logging

def lambda_handler(event, context):
    jsonlogging.configure_logging(context, tags={'argle': 'bargle'})"key 1 = " + event.get('key1'))
    return None

When you run it, you get this as output:

START RequestId: 700c98fd-6f76-4837-9abf-13a73766402f Version: $LATEST
{"timestamp": "2019-10-04T10:57:29.432Z", "level": "INFO", "logger": "root", "message": "key 1 = value1", "processId": 7, "thread": "MainThread", "locationInfo": {"fileName": "", "lineNumber": 8}, "tags": {"argle": "bargle"}, "lambda": {"requestId": "700c98fd-6f76-4837-9abf-13a73766402f", "functionName": "LoggingExample", "functionVersion": "$LATEST"}}
END RequestId: 700c98fd-6f76-4837-9abf-13a73766402f
REPORT RequestId: 700c98fd-6f76-4837-9abf-13a73766402f	Duration: 6.85 ms	Billed Duration: 100 ms	Memory Size: 128 MB	Max Memory Used: 55 MB	Init Duration: 125.07 ms	

Note that the JSON output is surrounded by standard Lambda invocation report messages; to get rid of them you need to transform the CloudWatch output, perhaps while writing it somewhere else.

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