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I really like "rake routes" as a debugging tool, and PathFinder is an attempt to do the same thing with Java web applications (or at least, it will be when it's done).


Pathfinder is built using Maven. This means that you can clone the repository, type mvn install, and everything just works.

Well, almost. The first time that you build (or after any major update), you'll have to build the test WARs along with the main project:

mvn -Ptestdata clean install

Subsequent builds can use the default profile:

mvn clean install

And that should be it. I only push code that builds and runs on my machine, so any problems are on you.


The end of the build is a "shaded" JAR, containing all dependencies. So you can invoke it using the java -jar command:

java -jar app-pathfinder/target/pathfinder-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar WARFILE

Replacing WARFILE with the Spring3 test WAR, you'll see something like the following:

> java -jar app-pathfinder/target/pathfinder-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar testdata-spring-anno/target/pathfinder-testdata-spring-anno-1.0-SNAPSHOT.war 
/index.jsp                   /index.jsp
/servlet/B/bar.html  GET     com.kdgregory.pathfinder.test.spring3.pkg2.ControllerB.getBar()
/servlet/B/baz.html  POST    com.kdgregory.pathfinder.test.spring3.pkg2.ControllerB.setBaz()
/servlet/D/{id}      GET     com.kdgregory.pathfinder.test.spring3.pkg2.ControllerD.getD()

There are some options that you can use to customize this output, and invoking without a target WARfile will display help text:

invocation: Main [OPTIONS] WARFILE

--showJSP (default)
Display client-accessible JSP files as destination URLs.

--showHTML (default)
Display client-accessible static HTML content as destination URLs.

--hideStatic (default)
Display client-accessible static content other than HTML (eg, JS and CSS) as destination URLs.

--hideRequestParams (default)
For mappings that identify individual request parameters (eg, Spring3) show those parameters in the mapping output.

Enable debug-level logging to StdErr.

Enable verbose debugging (implies --debug).

Currently, any errors or warnings are logged to StdErr (normal output goes to StdOut, so you can redirect as desired).


Examines Java WARs to identify URL patterns







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