Utilities to clean, organize, and restructure Maven POMs
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Utilities to clean, organize, and restructure Maven POMs.

  • POM Cleaner

    "Cleans up" a single POM, normalizing plugin and dependency specifications, converting hardcoded versions to properties, consitently ordering top-level elements, and pretty-printing the output.

    There is also a version of this tool that runs as a web-app.

  • Version Updater

    Updates the version for a set of POMs, either to a specified version or the next sequential version.

  • Dependency Check

    Examines a project to find dependencies that are specified but unused, and those that are used but unspecified (ie, transitive dependencies that should be direct).

Building and Running

The minimum JDK version to build/run this project is 1.6.

This project is built with Maven; all dependencies are available from Maven Central.

mvn clean install

Each of the modules is in its own "app" directory. The build process produces a "shaded" executable JAR (one that contains all dependencies needed to run), so you can invoke a given app like so:


Documentation for each app can be found in the app's README, or by following the links above.