Utilities to clean, organize, and restructure Maven POMs
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Utilities to clean, organize, and restructure Maven POMs.

  • POM Cleaner

    "Cleans up" a single POM, normalizing plugin and dependency specifications, converting hardcoded versions to properties, consitently ordering top-level elements, and pretty-printing the output.

    There is also a version of this tool that [[WebCleaner|runs as a web-app]].

  • Version Updater (in process)

    Updates the version for a project, either to a specified version or the next sequential version.

  • Dependency Check (in process)

    Examines a project to find dependencies that are specified but unused, and those that are used but unspecified (ie, transitive dependencies that should be direct).

  • Parent POM Builder (not currently implemented)

    Examines a collection of project POMs, extracting dependency and plugin information, and producing a parent POM that is referenced by those projects.

Building and Running

This project is built with Maven:

mvn clean install

Each of the modules is in its own "app" directory. The build process produces a "shaded" executable JAR (one that contains all dependencies needed to run), so you can invoke a given app like so:

java -jar target/application.jar APP_SPECIFIC_ARGUMENTS

Documentation for each app can be found on the Wiki, following links shown above.