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A web interface which acts like a dashboard for website links
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Quick Link

This is a mini-project that has the purpose of showing links to webpages all in one place (like a dashboard).


  1. Install Jekyll.
  2. Fork and clone the repository.
  3. Edit files _includes/header.htm and _includes/footer.htm
    • Add contents to these files if you want a header and/or footer to your page.
  4. Look at _data/links/example.yml. This is an example/template of how to add links and categories to the page. You can edit this file, or make another .yml file. Jekyll will consider all .yml files in this directory (in alphabetical order) when building/serving the page.
  5. Modify _config.yml and change the name of the site.
  6. Run jekyll serve and navigate to the URL that Jekyll says to. You could also just do a jekyll build and export the _site directory (this is the generated static website).
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