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A Laravel 6 admin panel package.
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Valiant Laravel 6 Admin Panel Package

Valiant is a Laravel 6 admin panel package which promotes rapid development with high customization capabilities. It includes a model scaffolding command, expressive field & action declaration, Laravel auth integration, user roles, activity logs, AJAX form & modal support, automatic user timezones, and more.


Create a new Laravel app via Composer:

laravel new myapp

Configure your .env file with your app name, URL, database, & mail server.

Require Valiant via Composer:

composer require kdion4891/valiant

Publish install files using the --force:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=install --force

Run the migrations:

php artisan migrate

Create an Admin user:

php artisan tinker
$user = new User
$user->name = 'Admin'
$user->email = ''
$user->password = 'admin123' // user passwords are auto-encrypted
$user->role = 'Admin'

Visit your app URL and login.


Make scaffolding for a new model:

php artisan valiant:make MyModel

Update the new model fields():

class MyModel extends Model
    use ValiantModel;

    public function fields()
        return [

                ->rulesCreateEdit(['name' => 'required']),

            Field::make('Created At')->detail(),
            Field::make('Updated At')->detail(),

Update the new migration columns:

class CreateMyModelsTable extends Migration
    public function up()
        Schema::create('my_models', function (Blueprint $table) {

Run the migration:

php artisan migrate

Login to your app and click the My Models link in the sidebar.

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