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Repository used during this presentation about processes. The aim was to demystify GenServer.


Step 1

git checkout 802f7aa

We just have a simple helper module. We are just going to create a simple TODO list process. We should be able to:

  • create a TODO list;
  • add new items;
  • remove an item;
  • mark an item as done;
  • get the items;

Step 2

git checkout 9f788ca

Simple implementation using only what we've seen in the slides. We can also have a look to the test to know how to use this TODO list server.

Step 3

git checkout 0e32b1f

Update the current implementation to have a clean separation between the interface and the implementation. We can have a look to the test to see how easier to use it became.

Step 6

git checkout 78e87e7

Separate the generic part of our code in a module and keep the specific part in the current module

Step 7

git checkout 0778340

We can now compare how we would implement our TODO list using the real GenServer behaviour.

As we can see they look very similar. Of course, our implementation is very naive and we should always use the real GenServer implementation but, at least, we now understand what happens underneath.