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2048 - WAXBadges Edition

The classic addictive block game now reborn with WAXBadges achievements! Each achievement you unlock will live forever on the WAX blockchain!

The game's JS code was forked from gabrielecirulli/2048. All thanks and credit to gabrielecirulli!

twitter: @WAXBadges

What is WAXBadges?

see the main repo:


2048 - WAXBadges Edition is meant to be a simple demonstration for how the WAXBadges achievement platform can be easily integrated into a game. It's also just a ton of fun!

I augmented the original JS to include Achievement event hooks that talk to a simple Django website running on AWS Lambda and deployed via Zappa. The website processes the incoming Achievement events and talks to the WAXBadges smart contract to issue Achievements to Users.

Integration steps

As a game developer I would create my game's Achievement ecosystem via the WAXBadges CREATOR Tool. I can immediately see my new Achievements in the WAXBadges Explorer.

The game, app, or website then just needs to add some simple smart contract interaction steps. Take a look at here: python/waxbadges2048/waxbadges2048/ It's basically the beginnings of a very simple python API for some basic data retrieval from the WAXBadges smart contract. It also handles creating new Users and granting them Achievements. This could easily be re-used for your own project.

The rest is just a fairly vanilla Django website that uses allauth to enable Twitter sign-ins. I specified the vars for my particular project in two places:

  • .env--example for when running the Django site locally
  • zappa_settings--example.json to set environment variables when deploying to Lambda

Customize each and omit the --example to suit your own settings.

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