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Simple tool to automate twitter-based WAXBadges achievements ecosystems
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A simple tool to automate twitter-based WAXBadges achievements ecosystems

twitter: @WAXBadges

What is WAXBadges?

see the main repo:


Developers can integrate any game or app into the WAXBadges open achievement system. But WAXBadges can be used for all sorts of interesting use cases beyond gaming. Our first demonstration use case was to run a twitter hype campaign to promote the project itself. Early followers were granted exclusive, limited-quantity achievements. For a twitter campaign obviously we used their screen name (e.g. '@KeithMukai') as their WAXBadges User.userid and then grabbed their twitter avatar url.

You can create your basic Achievements ecosystem with the convenient WAXBadges CREATOR Tool. But even with the tool it takes too much manual labor to add each new twitter user and then manually grant them whatever Achievement they just earned.

Automation to the rescue

So this python script handles all that for you. Just call:

    python <twitter_user_name> <ecosystem_id> <category_id> <achievement_id>

It will create an ecosystem User record for their screen name if they haven't already been added. It will then grant the specified achievement which is uniquely identified by the ecosystem_id category_id achievement_id combo.

For example:

    python KeithMukai 2 1 8

Optional: DM a notification to the user

The script can also DM the user a link to their Proof-of-Achievement on the public WAXBadges Explorer. Just specify the --send_dm flag:

    python KeithMukai --send_dm 2 1 8

But note that twitter clamped down on the @WAXBadges account when we sent too many automated DMs through it. DMs also won't work unless the twitter user is following the sending account.

Getting started:

Create a virtualenv

Install the pip dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Customize the local_settings--example.conf and save it as local_settings.conf

ACCESS_TOKEN = 5678-efgh

PRIVATE_KEY = 54321fedcba
ACCOUNT_NAME = abc12.waa

Just like the CREATOR Tool, the PRIVATE_KEY and the related WAX ACCOUNT_NAME are necessary so that your writes to WAXBadges contract can be issued without a manual authorization/signing step.

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