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Real time communication with PeerConnection API, websockets and node.js.
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#Video Chat with ConnectionPeer API, WebSockets and Node.js

The source is a demo appliaction based on Ericcson Labs video chat demo. I used websockets implementation as well as hat to generate unique ids what means that you have to install these modules on your computer for ex.:

npm install -g

or download if from github.

I know there are still some bugs, but it is only a demo ;)

Run server with the following command:

  •   for production - `NODE_ENV=production node index.js`</li>
  •   for development (more debug info etc) - `NODE_ENV=development node index.js`</li>
  •   or simply `node index.js`</li>

Server will be runing at http://localhost:8080/.

No more configuration is required. Please remember about installing modified WebKit library.

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