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Abbreviations Used in Identifiers
ac accessor
anon anonymous
arg argument
bb Basic Block
bidir Bi-Directional
bl block in some allocated area (not a basic block)
br branch
bt backtrace
cb either "Count of Bytes" or "Call-Back"
cfg Control-Flow Graph
cl Code Listener
clt Code Listener Type
cnt count
code enumeration constant
cond conditional
cont container
cst constant (in the C terminology, it is called "literal")
ctx context
cvar Code Listener Variable
cv either "Code Listener Variable" or "Custom Value"
d pointer to private data
db lookup container
deref dereference
dlSeg, dls Doubly-linked List Segment
dst destination
ent entity that can be uniquely identified by sh/uid pair
eq equal
fnc function
fpn Floating-Point Number
gc Garbage Collector
ge Greater or Equal
gl global
gt Greater Than
hdl handle
hi high
idx index (an integral number)
initial initializer
insn instruction
inst instance
it iterator
jmp jump
js Join Status
kind kind of abstract object
lc local
le Less or Equal
len length
lhs Left Hand Side
lo low
loc location-info (file/line/column in the source program)
lt Less Than
ltr Left-To-Right
lw Location Writer (nowadays equal to location)
msg message
ne Not Equal
nop no-op (an operation with no effect)
num number
obj object
off offset
oom Out Of Memory
op operand
p pointer to
peer the opposite part of a "dls"
proc symbolic heap processor
proto prototype
ptr pointer
ref reference
ret return
rhs Right Hand Side
rng range
ro Read-Only
rtl Right-To-Left
rw Read-Write
seg segment
sh Symbolic Heap
slSeg, sls Singly-linked List Segment
src source
stor instance of (or reference to) CodeStorage::Storage
str stream (or string)
sym either "symbolic execution" or "symmetric"
T typedef (or template argument)
tpl template
uid Unique ID
uni uniform
v, val value
var variable
vis either visitor or visualization
vo Value Origin
vp pair of values
vt Value Target
win window
wl Work-List
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