Crash when loading map with missing models #1522

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The latest release of Arcane Dimensions includes a .fgd file that refers to models not included in the release. Loading a map that uses this .fgd will produce this error:

Clicking "OK" will produce a crash, the log of which is included at the top of this issue.

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muk0r commented Dec 5, 2016 edited

Whats strange is were using the same build...but it doesnt crash on my end. It just gives an error in the Console. No crash from adding it to an existing map, either.



saved and reopened both. still no crash.


Realized I should try Pritchards too.

After attaching my location of ad_quake.fgd and saving/reopening the map, Pritchards DOES crash on my end,

When I load my map I have to click the "Entity" property inspector tab, and THEN the .fgd loads and gives me the errors in the Console. No crash or "no models" prompt.

Pritchards map loads the .fgd right away, gives the "Could not load model" prompt, but after clicking "OK"...i dont get a crash report. I did the first time around, but not since. I even deleted all the files a crash creates, still no crash report.

Both maps are in the same location and use the same .fgd file/location.


I thought I should update this with something I realized: I'm pretty sure I accidentally left a mon_boil entity in my map the last time I saved it (I'd been messing with various additions to the mod and had added quite a few of the new entities). I think that may have more to do with the crash than simply loading a .fgd with missing models, and that it's rather an issue with trying to load a map that has those entities placed in it.

To prove my theory, I created a map with only the default brush, ad1.5 mod and fgd, and a placed mon_boil entity:

For me it crashes when loading, just like my actual map did.

ericwa commented Dec 9, 2016

I confirmed that the fix for #1525 also fixed this issue

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kduske commented Dec 9, 2016

Thanks @ericwa!

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