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@kduske kduske released this Jan 15, 2019


Windows users please install the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 (x86 version)


New features

  • #2518: Include experimental Quake 3 game config
  • #2510: Add support for parsing Quake 3 maps
  • #2426: Quake 3 shader support
  • #2424: Add support for pk3 files
  • #2288: Allow multiple subtrahends for CSG subtract; subtract against "select touching"
  • #2503: Make CSG merging work with selections of vertices, edges, or faces when in their respective tools
  • #2337: Menu items for reloading texture collections / entity definitions
  • #2441: Make UV lock keyboard shortcut global, and add menu item
  • #2465: Update Windows build instructions and remove need to edit PATH
  • #2489: Add support for Teamfortress
  • #2249: Keep images in a subdirectory in the generated manual

Bug fixes

  • #2478: Use snapped clip point when computing clipping help vectors
  • #2491: Don't crash on brushes with colinear face points
  • #2523: Add better error reporting when mapping files fails on Windows
  • #2528: Fix 2D entity angle arrows always being culled
  • #2525: Handle nan in entity origin
  • #2520: Check .mdl ident/version, reject Hexen 2 mission pack format
  • #2496: Handle corrupt package files
  • #2495: Allow dragging when clicking anywhere in cell view
  • #2487: Fix size hints positioning when camera is within the selection bounds
  • #2479: Add wxWidgets patch to work around mouse motion events being inserted at the beginning of the event queue
  • #2476: Fix crash when select touching is used on overlapping query brushes
  • #2474: Fix FreeImage texture loader bugs, add test of image contents
  • #2470: Avoid ambiguous redirect error with patch
  • #2507: Use constexpr for constants and scalar math functions
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