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Ansible playbook for configuring a host to build CloudStack RPMs
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Ansible playbooks for configuring a host to build CloudStack RPMs or Debs.


I typically do a number of tests when Apache CloudStack gets close to release, and one of those is ensuring that RPMs can be built. (there is a CI job that does this as well). I could build these on a my local machine, but there is all manner of cruft and potential assumptions on my local machines that a non-CloudStack developer might not have so I bring up a fresh CentOS VM. I have historically run puppet to get all of the prereqs, but that involves me either having puppet preinstalled/configured or installing it manually - plus I wanted to learn about Ansible, so this allows me to have a bare VM and still get my deployment ready in a timely manner. Hopefully others will find it helpful.


Defining hosts

I typically define my hosts and set some variables in /etc/ansible/hosts

[rpmbuilders] [rpmbuilders:vars] ansible_ssh_private_key_file=/.ssh/david.pem [debbuilders] [debbuilders:vars] ansible_ssh_private_key_file=/.ssh/david.pem

The [rpmbuilders] and [debbuilders] sections define the hosts to be used. The :vars section merely sets the ssh key to use.

Putting ansible to work

After the config file is set up, merely execute ansible-playbook ./rpmbuilder.yml or ansible-playbook ./debbuilder.yml

Keep in mind package generation can frequently take some time. It's not uncommon for 45 minutes to elapse for a full build. Be patient, have a pot or two of coffee.

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