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Nuke 7 Migration Guide

This guide is provided in order to ease the transition of existing applications using Nuke 6.x to the latest APIs, as well as explain the design and structure of new and changed functionality.

This migration guide is still work in progress, the finished version is going to be available when Nuke 7 is finally released.


  • iOS 9.0, tvOS 9.0, macOS 10.11, watchOS 2.0
  • Xcode 9.2
  • Swift 4.0


Nuke 7 is the biggest release yet. It contains more features and refinements that all of the previous releases combined. There are a lot of new APIs in Nuke 7, fortunately, it's almost completely source-compatible with Nuke 6.

Source-compatibility was removed in Nuke 7.5. The latest source-compatible release is Nuke 7.4.2. The best way to migrate would be to either upgrade to Nuke 7.4.2 first, or to drop this Deprecated.swift into your project and follow the instructions from the warnings.

Most of the new APIs have Image* prefix. Some of the types with Image* prefix are new (e.g. ImagePipeline which replaced Manager and Loader), some were just renamed (e.g. ImageRequest instead of Request), and some are reimagining of old APIs (e.g. ImageDecoding instead of Decoding).

If you're using a deprecated API you're going to see a deprecation message with a suggestion which new API you should use instead. All of the deprecated APIs work exactly as they used to in the previous versions. The only exception is DataLoading protocol which was replaced with a new version, but most of the apps are not using it directly.

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