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A demo application using the Grails Framework. Walk through available at
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Grails - Demo Project W/ MongoDB, Jetty, and GroovyWS

Application name: grails-mongodb-demo The Goal: To track and record persons addresses.

Web application using:

  1. MongoDB
  2. TW Bootstrap
  3. Spring Security
  4. Apache CXF
  5. Jetty Web Server
  6. Maven build integration => Removed funcionality as it doesn't make the best use case.

The application progresses through a series of tutorials.

Quick Start

  1. Clone into the repo or download latest tag v1.1
  2. cd to dirtectory and run: mvn grails:run-app
    • Requires
      • Maven
      • Grails SDK (not necessary if running maven targets)
      • MongoDB installed and running
  3. To integrate with intelliJ: grails integrate-with --intellij

Tutorial Links

  1. Grails Part 1 - Setting up the Project
  2. Grails Part 2 - Configuring Web Application Plugins
  3. Grails Part 3 - Building a CRUD Application
  4. Grails Part 4: Enhanced UI Design w/ Twitter Bootstrap

About this application

  • Project Setup
    • Grails SDK 2.1.1 => 2.2.0
      • Integration with Maven => Use grails plugin system exlusively (Look Ma, no Maven.)
      • Integrating with IntelliJ
  • Configured Plugins
    • MongoDB
    • Jetty
    • Spring Security Core
    • Apache CXF (WSClient)
  • Application Code
    • Simple Domain Model
    • CRUD application using Grails Scaffolding
    • Enhanced UI Design
    • Adding Security
    • Services with GroovyWS - comming soon
    • => Add twitter client plugin and several other plugins
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