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Notification Component

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Minimum Version: 1.2.0

The notify component deprecates media_player.alexa_tts and conforms to Home Assistant notifications.


  - platform: alexa_media
    name: alexa_media


The component supports three types of notifications as supported by the Alexa App:

  1. TTS - This is the older media_player.alexa_tts functionality. Alexa will speak using Alexa's Simon says skill and will not sync between devices. This does not work with an Alexa Whole House Audio group (WHA).
  2. Announce - This functionality will result in a beep prior to speaking. It can also allow display on Echo Shows/Spots (currently untested). Speech will sync across multiple devices and WHA groups should work.
  3. Mobile Push - This will send a Mobile Push to any Alexa Apps linked to the target Alexa device.

How to Use

Use the notify.alexa_media service.

The following args are supported in the Service Data:

  • "message:" - The message to send. (Required)
  • "title:" - The title to display. Only works for Announce and Mobile Push. (Optional)
  • "data:type:" - The type of notification. [tts, announce, push] (Required)
  • "data:method:" - For Announce only, controls whether the announcement should be spoken, displayed, or both. [speak, show, all] (Optional)
  • "target:" - The target Alexa devices. This can be the Friendly Name, Serial Number, entity_id, or Home Assistant Group. (Required) Warning: Mobile Push using groups will result in a push from every Echo device to every Alexa App.


"target":["group.alexa", "Guest Room", "", "serialNumber"]


"title":"My title for Echo show",
"data":{"type":"announce", "method":"all"},
"target":["Guest Room", "", "serialNumber"]

Mobile Push

"title":"My title",
"target":["Guest Room", "", "serialNumber"]

This is an example of how to use this service in an automation using the "announce" type (script usage would be similar):

- alias: Notification Test Weekly TTS
  initial_state: 'on'
    platform: time
    at: '12:15:00'
    condition: time
      - wed
    - service: notify.alexa_media
          - media_player.computer_room_dot
          - media_player.kitchen_dot
        #title: "My title for Echo show"
          type: announce
          #method: all
        message: "This is a weekly test of the announcing system."

(Be sure to use 'data_template:' when templating.)

Echo Show Output Example

Echo Show Notification Photo

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