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# Encryption
Encryption is part of the [Docker Runner]( component. Docker Runner
is a Keboola service, that runs Docker containers as workers in Keboola Connection jobs. This API description assumes
using the US region KBC stack. If you are using other stacks, you need to use the
[correct URL]( of the **docker-runner** service.
# Group Encrypt
Encrypts a string or a JSON
## Encryption [/encrypt?componentId={componentId}&projectId={projectId}&configId={configId}]
Used for encrypting string values or JSON data depending on the provided `Content-type`.
If any of the `projectId` or `configId` is specified, a suitable encryptor is selected (`KBC::ComponentSecure::`,
`KBC::ProjectSecure::` or `KBC::ConfigSecure::`), so that the encrypted
value can be decrypted only in an environment matching the parameters.
+ Parameters
+ componentId(required, string) ... Keboola Connection Component Id
+ projectId(optional, string) ... Keboola Connection Project Id
+ configId(optional, string) ... Keboola Connection Configuration Id (when used, `projectId` must also be specified)
### Encrypt data [POST]
+ Request Encrypt plain text (text/plain)
+ Body
+ Response 200 (text/plain)
+ Request Encrypt JSON structure (application/json)
+ Body
"config": 1,
"#test": "MyValueToBeEncrypted"
+ Response 202 (application/json)
"config": 1,
"#test": "KBC::ProjectSecure::ENCODEDSTRING=="