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KBC Storage R Client

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Client for using Keboola Connection Storage API. This API client provides client methods to get data from KBC and put data back to KBC. See the documentation for more information.


# installation
# first need to install the devtools package if it isn't already installed
# load the library

# this package relies on another github package 
# for aws requests

# install the sapi client package

# load the library (dependencies will be loaded automatically)

# create client
client <- SapiClient$new(
    token = 'your-token'

# verify the token
tokenDetails <- client$verifyToken()

# create a bucket
bucket <- client$createBucket("new_bucket","in","A brand new Bucket!")

# create a table
table <- client$saveTable(myDataFrame, bucket$id, "new_table")
# note: as of version 0.2.0 if the table exists it will be over-written unless the incremental option is specified
table <- client$saveTable(myDataFrame, bucket$id, "existing_table", options = list(incremental = 1))

# import a table
mydata <- client$importTable('in.c-my_bucket.my_table')

# list buckets
buckets <- client$listBuckets()

# list all tables in a bucket
tables <- client$listTables(bucket = bucket$id)

# list all tables
tables <- client$listTables()

# delete table

# delete bucket

# list files with tag "my-tag"

# upload a file to sapi with tags "my-tag" and "our-tag"
newFileId <- client$putFile("path/to/my/file.whatever", tags=c("my-tag", "our-tag"))

# download a file from sapi
myFilePath <- client$loadFile(newFileId)
# now you can read it however you like (ex csv)
myFileContents <- read.csv(myFilePath)

# delete a file 

The only required argument to create a client is a valid Storage API token and API URL.