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Transformation API UI

UI for Keboola Transformation API

Running the app during development

  • Clone this repository
  • cd into project directory
  • Make sure you have installed node.js version 0.8. or greater
  • Install grunt cli npm install -g grunt-cli
  • Install development dependencies npm install
  • Copy configuration cp app/config.template.js app/config.js
  • Run application grunt server
  • Navigate your browser to http://localhost:8000/ , you should see running application.
  • Watch changes in new terminal or in your IDE grunt watch, application will be recompiled after each change

Continuous unit testing

  • Run grunt watch
  • Run grunt testcularServer in another terminal
  • Tests will be executed after each change

Useful tools and resources

Directory Layout

app/                --> all of the files to be used in production
config/             --> tests and deploy configuration
test/               --> test source files and libraries
Capfile             --> deployment instructions
Gruntfile.js        --> build process settings, also all include js files are mentioned here
package.json        --> application package definition