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Graphique 3D

Submarine scene demo in OpenGL and CUDA, featuring :

  • Animated bubbles (CUDA particle system, procedural sprites)
  • Animated seeweeds (CUDA mass-spring system)
  • Animated water (CPU only)
  • Procedural terrain and cave (GPU marching cube and procedural marble texture)
  • Animated wildlife
  • Animated diver

Require a CUDA Compute Capability 1.1 and OpenGL 3.3 capable device.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)






Everything has been tested with gcc-4.8 and gcc-4.9. Other c++0x capable compilers might work as well but have not been tested.

Required libraries:

Make sure you have all these libraries installed on your computer :

    Qt4 (QtCore QtGui QtXml QtOpenGL)
    CUDA 5.0+ (6.5 preferred)

Using CMake 3.0 or above (preferred method)

mkdir build
cd build/
cmake ..

Using the Makefile (Linux & Mac)

Edit following variables in :

  • Set L_QGLVIEWER to -lQGLViewer or -lqglviewer to match your QGLViewer library.
  • Set NARCH to match your device CUDA Compute Capability (minimum 11)

Finally compile with make release


  • Execute the generated binary (main by default) at the root of the projet.
  • Hit <Enter> to launch animation and enjoy !
  • You can move around with standard QGLViewer keys.

Frequent problems

Everything seems to be ok but the linker does not find my CUDA libraries ?

Don't forget to add your CUDA library path after a fresh CUDA Toolkit installation.

On linux, assuming /usr/local/cuda is where you installed the CUDA Toolkit, simply edit your ~/.bashrc and add the following lines :

    export PATH=/usr/local/cuda/bin:$PATH
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/cuda/lib:/usr/local/cuda/lib64:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Then reload your .bashrc with . ~/.bashrc.

Sometimes, an additional step might be needed : sudo ldconfig

Compilation was successfull but when I launch the binary I get ERROR : Kernel launch failed : invalid device function ?

You most likely set an invalid value to the variable NARCH in Check your device CUDA Compute Capability online, it should be minimum 11 (standing for 1.1). Change NARCH according to what your device is capable and recompile from sources.

Compilation was successfull but when I launch the binary I get some random segfaults on OpenGL API calls ?

First of all, make sure you have an OpenGL 3.3 capable device and that you are using the NVidia proprietary drivers (mandatory for CUDA). If this is the case, make sure your driver is up to date, as OpenGL implementations are rarely bug free.

I have an OpenGL 3.3 capable device but my OpenGL library seems to be out of date ?

If you're using a Mac you might give up at this step. If not you can try to update your drivers as a last resort.

Known bugs

  • Some black lines appears when computing the terrain with the fast marching cube.