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PythonTraceback is a plug-in for Sublime Text, that allows easy navigation in your python tracebacks. Copy a traceback from your terminal to clipboard, switch to Sublime Text and press Ctrl+t, Ctrl+v. New scratch buffer will be opened with the traceback. Place the cursor on a line you want to navigate to and press Alt+d: file will be opened at the line, specified in traceback.

While traceback window is open (but not necessarily active), you can navigate up and down in traceback by pressing Alt-k and Alt-j respectively.

Pressing Ctrl+t, Ctrl+v again will replace traceback buffer with new traceback from the clipboard.

If you are working on a project, traceback lines, that match your project' files, will be specially marked by little dots in gutter to make it simple to spot "own" files.

PythonTraceback will try hard to find local file that matches one, specified in traceback, even if it does not exists directly. If at least partial path can be found in one of your project folders, PythonTraceback will open the file for you. This is very useful for analyzing tracebacks from remote machines, where application is located in different directory.

Defined commands

PythonTraceback defines the following commands:

Command Title Default Key Binding
traceback_paste Traceback: Paste Traceback Ctrl+t, Ctrl+v on PC or ⌘-t, ⌘+v on OSX
traceback_goto_line Traceback: Go To Line Alt+d
traceback_go_up Traceback: Go Up Alt+k
traceback_go_down Traceback: Go Down Alt+j


To install this plugin, you have two options:

  1. Package Control (recommended). If you have Sublime Package Control installed, simply search for PythonTraceback to install.

  2. Manual. Clone source code to Sublime Text Packages folder:

$ git clone https://github.com/kedder/sublime-python-traceback PythonTraceback