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Guestbook Demo

This will deploy the famous "Guestbook" from numerous Kubernetes examples! source

In all, we will define:

  • services
  • deployments
  • configMap
  • persistentVolumeClaims
  • secrets

How to deploy

  1. Download the files
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kedgeproject/kedge/master/examples/guestbook-demo/backend.yaml
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kedgeproject/kedge/master/examples/guestbook-demo/frontend.yaml
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kedgeproject/kedge/master/examples/guestbook-demo/db.yaml
  1. Deploy using kedge
$ kedge apply -f backend.yaml -f frontend.yaml -f db.yaml
service "guestbook" created
deployment "guestbook" created
service "backend" created
deployment "backend" created
persistentvolumeclaim "mongodb-data" created
service "database" created
secret "mongodb-admin" created
secret "mongodb-user" created
configmap "mongodb-user" created
deployment "database" created
  1. Access your Guestbook instance

If you are using minikube for local Kubernetes deployment, you can access your Guestbook instance using minikube service

$ minikube service guestbook 
Opening kubernetes service default/guestbook in default browser...

If you are using minishift for local OpenShift development, you can create Route and access your Guestbook instance using it.

$ oc expose svc frontend
route "frontend" exposed

$ oc get route frontend
NAME       HOST/PORT                                 PATH      SERVICES   PORT            TERMINATION   WILDCARD
frontend   frontend-myproject.             frontend   frontend-8080                 None