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Local HTTP and UDP requests catcher written on Go (aka requestbin)
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A simple http and udp requests logger

Logger for received requests. Currently supports UDP and HTTP protocols. May be used as a substitution for logstash container during the development or just for testing what request are being sent from your application and how it look like.

Console screenshot


You may configure what servers to start by specifying the env variables before running this program.

Available env variables:

HTTP_ENABLED=true  | will run http server
HTTP_PORT=8080     | run http server on port 8080

UDP_ENABLED=true   | will run udps server
UDP_PORT=9090      | run udp server on port 9090  

Example configuration: HTTP_ENABLED=false UDP_ENABLED=true UDP_PORT=9000. Will start just the udp server on port 9000.

How to run

- using local go

go run cmd/reqbin.go

or override default configuration

HTTP_ENABLED=false UDP_ENABLED=true UDP_PORT=9000 go run cmd/reqbin.go

- via docker

docker run -it -p 8080:8080 -9090:9090 kedlas/goreqbin:latest

or override default configuration

docker run -it -p 9000:9000 -e HTTP_ENABLED=false UDP_ENABLED=true UDP_PORT=9000 kedlas/goreqbin:latest

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