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KeeFox is developed (for the most part) by one person in spare time around a full-time job so there are limits on how much can be achieved without help. If you find KeeFox useful there are lots of ways you can contribute to the project so that others can have an even better KeeFox experience!

Please read about each of the ways that you could help:

Monetary donations can be made via the Mozilla add-ons website if you just want to say "thanks".

Kee 2.0 is now released

This manual was written for KeeFox 1.7 and earlier. Some of it will still apply to Kee 2.0 but much of it will not so USE CAUTION.

In the coming months we will update this manual to more accurately reflect the things it is still useful for - namely old versions of Firefox, other browsers based on similar technology and Thunderbird.

At the same time, we'll continue developing the replacement manual for Kee 2.0.

For Kee 2.0 support, make sure you've ready the information on the new community forum before diving into this manual.

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