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This is the KeeFox wiki and manual.

You're reading the English version. Maybe one day you'll find some other languages here.

Getting help

If you're looking for help with KeeFox, you've hopefully seen the main help page on the official website already. If you can't find what you need through the getting started tutorial nor this manual then head onto the forum and please consider contributing to make this manual better once your question is resolved.


This manual is divided into sections...

Getting started: Information that can help you to start using KeeFox.

Using KeeFox: Once you've got the basics set up you will find some useful information in this section.

Options / Configuration: Find out about all the options you can change in order to personalise your KeeFox setup.

Troubleshooting: If the previous sections don't help you might find some useful information in this section.

Tips: KeeFox displays tips occasionally—you can view them all here.

Contributing: Find out how you can help make KeeFox better by contributing some time or skills to the project - there should be something for everyone so please take a look.

Technical information: Most end users will not be interested in this level of technical detail. but it's useful for some people.

Miscellaneous information

Running KeeFox under Mono

Using KeeFox in Thunderbird

Kee 2.0 is now released

This manual was written for KeeFox 1.7 and earlier. Some of it will still apply to Kee 2.0 but much of it will not so USE CAUTION.

In the coming months we will update this manual to more accurately reflect the things it is still useful for - namely old versions of Firefox, other browsers based on similar technology and Thunderbird.

At the same time, we'll continue developing the replacement manual for Kee 2.0.

For Kee 2.0 support, make sure you've ready the information on the new community forum before diving into this manual.

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