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KeePassRPC (KPRPC) is the plugin that enables communication between Firefox (the KeeFox add-on) and KeePass Password Safe.

You can change the network port that KPRPC and Firefox communicate on. This can be useful if you need to run multiple KeePass and Firefox instances on the same computer.

First, go to KeeFox options and select the Advanced tab, then enter a suitable number into the "Communicate with KeePass using this TCP/IP port" box.

KeeFox < 1.3: If the port is not set, or set to an invalid number, the default of 12536 will be used.

KeeFox >= 1.3: If the port is not set, or set to an invalid number, the default of 12546 will be used.

The second step is to tell KeePassRPC that you want to use that particular port. For KeeFox 1.3 and above, you can set this in the KeePassRPC options dialog.

Screenshot of General KeePassRPC options dialog

For all KeeFox versions, you can either...

  1. Find your KeePass configuration file and set the port in that file - (while KeePass is closed) insert the following to the <Custom> element:


KeeFox < 1.3: <Key>KeePassRPC.connection.port</Key> <Value>00000</Value>

KeeFox >= 1.3: <Key>KeePassRPC.webSocket.port</Key> <Value>00000</Value>


  1. Pass a command line parameter to KeePass:

KeeFox < 1.3: e.g. KeePass.exe -KeePassRPCPort:00000

KeeFox >= 1.3: e.g. KeePass.exe -KeePassRPCWebSocketPort:00000

NB: In some circumstances you can get away with only changing the setting in KeeFox options but it will inevitably lead to confusion when KeeFox suddenly stops working or starts communicating with a different KeePass instance so it is highly recommended that you do change it.

Note that when upgrading from KeeFox 1.2 or lower, KeeFox will need to be able to connect on the old (KeeFox < 1.3) port to ensure a smooth upgrade. Once you are running KeeFox >= 1.3 you might be able to block the old port if you want (although this behaviour will not be tested). The old connection method and port will be removed eventually but not until at least 2015.

Kee 2.0 is now released

This manual was written for KeeFox 1.7 and earlier. Some of it will still apply to Kee 2.0 but much of it will not so USE CAUTION.

In the coming months we will update this manual to more accurately reflect the things it is still useful for - namely old versions of Firefox, other browsers based on similar technology and Thunderbird.

At the same time, we'll continue developing the replacement manual for Kee 2.0.

For Kee 2.0 support, make sure you've ready the information on the new community forum before diving into this manual.

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