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You can configure individual websites to work better with KeeFox.

KeeFox has the ability to change some settings for specific web sites. There are options to change:

  • Whether KeeFox offers to save passwords
  • Whether specific forms should be auto-filled and prompt to save passwords (useful if a form is unusual and KeeFox does not detect it correctly or if KeeFox detects it when it should not)

In the screenshot below you can see that we have disabled the option that prompts you to save a new password and added an item to the form name blacklist to prevent the website's "contact" form being incorrectly considered as a form for KeeFox to fill in (this is just an example and not required for the specific URL demonstrated)

Screenshot of site-specific options dialog

The greyed out details show how that site is configured if you don't override the configuration here.

Future versions of KeeFox will probably add extra options here. Essentially, anything where it makes sense to be able to change it based upon the site being accessed is a candidate for being added to this options dialog.

Feel free to discuss any ideas or suggestions on the forum.

Note: this tip has been updated for KeeFox 1.5 so may not make complete sense in earlier versions

Kee 2.0 is now released

This manual was written for KeeFox 1.7 and earlier. Some of it will still apply to Kee 2.0 but much of it will not so USE CAUTION.

In the coming months we will update this manual to more accurately reflect the things it is still useful for - namely old versions of Firefox, other browsers based on similar technology and Thunderbird.

At the same time, we'll continue developing the replacement manual for Kee 2.0.

For Kee 2.0 support, make sure you've ready the information on the new community forum before diving into this manual.

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