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Aug 15, 2018
Aug 11, 2020

Quefrency Keyboard Case

Here's case design file for the Quefrency. You can turn on/off various layers to generate the different plates needed.

The main files that the everything else has been derived from are the .ai (Adobe Illustrator) files. The .ai files have multiple layers to toggle on/off to generate the correct set of plates/mid-layers/etc. All of the DXF files have been derived from the .ai files.

Rev. 1 vs. Rev. 2

The difference between Rev 1 and Rev 2 plates are the following:

  • Rev 2 does not have Alps support, while Rev 1 does
  • Rev 2 adds ISO support and a few more bottom row layout options
  • Rev 2 has a different arrangement of screw/standoff holes to allow for an acrylic mid layer to be used

Rev. 2

All of the DXF files are in metric (millimeters).

Switch Plates

The plate files in the main rev2 directory are designed for 1.5mm thick plates. If doing acrylic plates, then either a thickness of 3mm or 5mm should be used. Files for these thicker plates can be found in the [3mm Plates](rev2/3mm Plates) and [5mm Plates](rev2/5mm Plates) directories. The difference with these thicker plates is that the stabilizer cutouts are larger to accomdate the stabilzer housing and wire.

3D printed middle layers

The current STLs are temporary ones, and better ones that fit around the TRRS jack and USB-C port will be worked on and released later.


These case files are released under the MIT License.


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