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(ns keechma-graph-data.core
(:require [clojure.string :as str]
[entitydb.core :as edb]
[ :as app-state]
[keechma.controller :as controller]
[keechma.ui-component :as ui])
(:require-macros [reagent.ratom :refer [reaction]]))
(def user-data
"Define the initial graph data"
[{:id 1 :username "User #1" :favorite-users [2 3]}
{:id 2 :username "User #2" :favorite-users [1]}
{:id 3 :username "User #3" :favorite-users [2 1 3]}])
(defn process-user-data
"Process the data so the EntityDB knows how to handle relations
This function transforms `[1,2,3]` to [{:id 1}, {:id 2}, {:id 3}].
When the data is inserted into the EntityDB, it will set up the links
to the real user entities."
(map (fn [user]
(assoc user :favorite-users
(map (fn [favorite-user]
{:id favorite-user}) (:favorite-users user)))) user-data))
(def schema
"Set up the schema so users have relations to their favorite users"
{:users {:id :id
:relations {:favorite-users [:many :users]}}})
(defrecord DataController [])
(defmethod controller/start DataController
[_ _ app-db]
;; Inserts the data into the application state
(edb/insert-collection schema app-db :users :list (process-user-data user-data)))
(defn user-list
"Get the user list from the app state"
(edb/get-collection schema @app-db :users :list)))
(defn user-renderer
"Renders one user and a list of it's favorite users.
`(:favorite-users user)` returns a function which will return
the list of favorite users for a user. This allows EntityDB to
handle circular relations."
[:tr {:key (:id user)}
[:td (:username user)]
[:td (str/join ", " (map #(:username %) ((:favorite-users user))))]])
(defn user-list-renderer
"Render the list of users. Each user is rendered by the `user-renderer`
(fn []
(let [user-list-sub (ui/subscription ctx :user-list)]
[:th "User"]
[:th "Favorite Users"]]]
(map user-renderer @user-list-sub)]])))
(def user-list-component
"Defines the renderer and subscription dependencies for
the user list component."
(ui/constructor {:renderer user-list-renderer
:subscription-deps [:user-list]}))
(def app-definition {:controllers {:data (->DataController)}
:subscriptions {:user-list user-list}
:components {:main user-list-component}
:html-element (.getElementById js/document "app")})
(defonce running-app (clojure.core/atom nil))
(defn start-app!
"Helper function that starts the application."
(reset! running-app (app-state/start! app-definition)))
(defn restart-app!
"Helper function that restarts the application whenever the
code is hot reloaded."
(let [current @running-app]
(if current
(app-state/stop! current start-app!)
(defn on-js-reload []
;; optionally touch your app-state to force rerendering depending on
;; your application
;; (swap! app-state update-in [:__figwheel_counter] inc)