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This application shows how to use the Keechma framework to handle the login workflow.

It achieves that by splitting the application in two apps:

  • Session app - Takes care of the login
  • Main app - Implements the application logic

When the user is logged in the session app will mount the main application inside itself - at that moment, two applications will be running at once. Each application will have it's own app state and run completely independently from the other.

This is possible because there are no shared globals in Keechma.

Read the annotated source.


Make sure you have Leiningen installed.

Clone the repo:

$ git clone https://github.com/keechma/keechma-todomvc.git
$ cd keechma-todomvc

To get an interactive development environment run:

lein figwheel

and open your browser at localhost:3449. This will auto compile and send all changes to the browser without the need to reload. After the compilation process is complete, you will get a Browser Connected REPL.


Copyright © 2016 Mihael Konjevic

Distributed under the MIT License.# keechma-login