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(:require [keechma.ui-component :as ui]
[cljs.core.match :refer-macros [match]]))
(def !nil? (complement nil?))
(def pages {"home" "Home"
"restaurants" "Restaurants"
"order-history" "Order History"})
(defn active-class [route-data page]
(when (= page (:page route-data))
(defn render-nav-link [ctx current-route [page label]]
(let [active-class (partial active-class current-route)]
[:li {:class (active-class page) :key (str "nav-" page)}
[:a {:href (ui/url ctx {:page page})} label]]))
(defn render-header [ctx current-route]
[:h1 "Place My Order"]
(map (partial render-nav-link ctx current-route) pages)]]]])
(defn render [ctx]
(fn []
(let [current-route (:data @(ui/current-route ctx))
page (:page current-route)
slug (:slug current-route)
action (:action current-route)
c-landing (ui/component ctx :landing)
c-restaurant-list (ui/component ctx :restaurant-list)
c-order-history (ui/component ctx :order-history)
c-restaurant-detail (ui/component ctx :restaurant-detail)
c-order (ui/component ctx :order)]
(when-not (nil? current-route)
[render-header ctx current-route]
(match [page slug action]
["home" nil nil] [c-landing]
["restaurants" nil nil] [c-restaurant-list]
["order-history" nil nil] [c-order-history]
["restaurants" (slug :guard !nil?) nil] [c-restaurant-detail]
["restaurants" (slug :guard !nil?) "order"] [c-order]
:else [:h1 "Not found"])]))))
(def component (ui/constructor
{:renderer render
:component-deps [:landing