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(ns client.controllers.order
(:require [client.edb :as edb]
[promesa.core :as p]
[keechma.toolbox.ajax :refer [POST PUT DELETE]]
[keechma.toolbox.pipeline.core :as pp :refer-macros [pipeline!]]
[keechma.toolbox.pipeline.controller :as pp-controller]))
(defn make-req
([method-fn url] (make-req method-fn url nil))
([method-fn url params]
(let [default-config {:response-format :json
:keywords? true}]
(method-fn url (if params (assoc default-config :params params :format :json) default-config)))))
(defn mark-order [[order new-status]]
;; Marks the order with the new status
(let [id (:_id order)
marked-order (merge order {:status new-status})]
;; If the request was successful, insert the order to entity db. If we already
;; have order with that id in the entity db, it will be updated.
(make-req PUT (str "/orders/" id) marked-order)))
(defn delete-order [order]
(let [id (:_id order)]
(->> (make-req DELETE (str "/orders/" id))
(p/map (fn [_] order)))))
;; This controller is active either on the order page or
;; on the order-history page.
;; It knows how to handle anything related to orders:
;; - saving a new order
;; - clearing the current order from the app state so user can make another one
;; - marking the order (changing it's status: new -> preparing -> delivery -> delivered)
;; - deleting the order
(def controller
{:params (fn [route]
(when (or (= (get-in route [:data :action]) "order")
(= (get-in route [:data :page]) "order-history"))
:stop (fn [_ _ app-db]
(edb/remove-named-item app-db :orders :current))}
{:save-order (pipeline! [value app-db]
(make-req POST "/orders/" value)
(pp/commit! (edb/insert-named-item app-db :orders :current value)))
:clear-order (pipeline! [value app-db]
(pp/commit! (edb/remove-named-item app-db :orders :current)))
:mark-order (pipeline! [value app-db]
(mark-order value)
(pp/commit! (edb/insert-item app-db :orders value)))
:delete-order (pipeline! [value app-db]
(delete-order value)
(pp/commit! (edb/remove-item app-db :orders (:id value))))}))