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(ns client.controllers.order-history
(:require [keechma.controller :as controller]
[client.edb :as edb]
[cljs-http.client :as http]
[cljs.core.async :as async :refer [<! put!]]
[clojure.set :as set])
(:require-macros [cljs.core.async.macros :refer [go-loop]]))
(defn connect-socketio [listener]
;; This function listens to the websocket messages, and dispatches
;; them to the controllers in-chan. This way controller can react
;; to these messages.
(let [conn (.io js/window)
send (fn [command order]
(put! listener [command (js->clj order :keywordize-keys true)]))]
(.connect conn #js {:forceNew true})
(.on conn "orders created" #(send :order-created %))
(.on conn "orders updated" #(send :order-updated %))
(.on conn "orders removed" #(send :order-removed %))
(fn []
(println "Disconnecting from")
(.disconnect conn)))
(catch :default e
(println "io function doesn't exist.")
(fn [])))))
(defn order-created [app-db-atom order]
;; When the order is created, we check if we already have this order in the
;; list (if this client was the source of the new order). If we don't have
;; it in the list add it to the order history
(let [current-history (edb/get-collection @app-db-atom :orders :history)
ids (set (map :_id current-history))]
(when-not (contains? ids (:_id order))
(swap! app-db-atom edb/prepend-collection :orders :history [order]))))
(defn order-updated [app-db-atom order]
;; Update the order
(swap! app-db-atom edb/insert-item :orders order))
(defn order-removed [app-db-atom order]
;; Remove the order
(swap! app-db-atom edb/remove-item :orders (:_id order)))
(defrecord Controller [])
(defmethod controller/params Controller [_ route]
;; This controller is active only on the order-history page
(when (= (get-in route [:data :page]) "order-history")
(defmethod controller/handler Controller [this app-db-atom in-chan out-chan]
;; When the controller is started connect to the websocket.
;; This way we can receive the messages when something changes
;; and update the application state accordingly.
;; connect-socketio function returns the function that can be
;; used to disconnect from the websocket.
(let [disconnect (connect-socketio in-chan)]
(go-loop []
(let [[command args] (<! in-chan)]
(case command
;; When we get the order-created command from the websocket,
;; create a new order
:order-created (order-created app-db-atom args)
;; When we get the order-updated command from the websocket,
;; update the order in the entity-db
:order-updated (order-updated app-db-atom args)
;; When we get the order-removed command from the websocket,
;; remove the item from the entity-db. This will automatically
;; remove it from any list that references it
:order-removed (order-removed app-db-atom args)
;; Disconnect from the websocket
:disconnect (disconnect)
(when command (recur))))))
(defmethod controller/stop Controller [this params app-db]
;; When the controller is stopped, send the command to disconnect from
;; the websocket and remove any data this controller has loaded.
(controller/execute this :disconnect)
(edb/remove-collection app-db :orders :history))