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(ns keechma-todomvc.controllers.todos
(:require [keechma.controller :as controller :refer [dispatcher]]
[cljs.core.async :refer [<!]]
[keechma-todomvc.edb :as edb]
[keechma-todomvc.entities.todo :as todo])
(:require-macros [cljs.core.async.macros :refer [go]]))
(defn updater!
"Commits the change to the app-db to the app-db atom."
(fn [app-db-atom args]
(swap! app-db-atom modifier-fn args)))
(defrecord ^{:doc "
This controller receives the commands from the UI and dispatches
them to the functions that modify the state.
- `params` function returns true because this controller should always be running
- `start` function adds an empty todo list to the EntityDB
- `handler` function dispatches commands from the UI to the modifier functions"}
Controller []
(params [_ _] true)
(start [_ params app-db]
(edb/insert-collection app-db :todos :list []))
(handler [_ app-db-atom in-chan _]
(dispatcher app-db-atom in-chan
{:toggle-todo (updater! todo/toggle-todo)
:create-todo (updater! todo/create-todo)
:update-todo (updater! todo/update-todo)
:destroy-todo (updater! todo/destroy-todo)
:edit-todo (updater! todo/edit-todo)
:cancel-edit-todo (updater! todo/cancel-edit-todo)
:destroy-completed (updater! todo/destroy-completed)
:toggle-all (updater! todo/toggle-all)})))