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(ns keechma-todomvc.controllers.todos
"# Todo Controller
- returns a truthy value from `params` indicating this Controller
should run throughout the app's lifetime (independent of `route`)
- creates an empty collection of `todos` on `start`
- uses `controller/dispatcher` to handle commands by relaying the
corresponding action to the `todos` `entity` functions."
(:require [keechma.controller :as controller]
[keechma-todomvc.entities.todo :as entity]))
(defrecord Controller [])
(defmethod controller/params Controller
[_ route-params]
(defmethod controller/start Controller
[_ params app-db]
(entity/create-todos app-db))
(defmethod controller/handler Controller
[_ app-db-atom in-chan _]
(controller/dispatcher app-db-atom in-chan (entity/actions)))