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Clojars Project

Keechma is a micro framework for Reagent written in ClojureScript. It gives you a set of utilities that allow you to build applications that have the following properties:

  • Deterministic and predictable behavior
    • Based on the route, you can determine what the application's state will be
    • UI never "requests" data it's always provided to it
  • Unidirectional data flow
    1. Route params are derived from the URL
    2. Application state is derived from the route params
    3. UI is derived from the application state
  • Loose coupling between components
    • Communication is performed through core.async channels
  • Automatic synchronization of entities' states
    • An entity is any data loaded into the app that has an identity (e.g. :id column)
    • Entities are stored in the EntityDB
    • EntityDB propagates entity state to every place where that entity is displayed in the UI
  • Enforced lifecycle (and memory safety)
    • Automatically load data on route change
    • Automatically clean up stale data on route change
    • Automatically set up event listeners on route change (e.g. listener on the WebSocket)
    • Automatically tear down event listeners on route change
  • Applications are first-class citizens
    • Applications can be started and stopped
    • Applications can be passed around
    • Applications can mount sub-applicationsns
  • UI components are decoupled and reusable
    • UI components can declare it's dependencies
    • Dependencies are injected when the application is started
    • Each component has own context
  • No shared globals
    • Router is bound to the application context
    • App state is bound to the application context
    • Multiple apps can run at the same time, each with own state


Read the guides or the API docs to find out more about Keechma.


Kičma (lat. columna vertebralis) is a Croatian word for backbone / spine.

Yes, it’s a nod to BackboneJS and SpineJS.


Copyright © 2016 Mihael Konjevic.

Distributed under the MIT License.


Micro frontend framework for ClojureScript and Reagent





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