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(ns keechma.toolbox.pipeline.core
(:require [cljs.core.async :refer [<! chan put!]]
[promesa.core :as p]
[keechma.controller :as controller]
[medley.core :refer [dissoc-in]])
(:require-macros [cljs.core.async.macros :refer [go-loop]]))
(defrecord Error [type message payload cause])
(defn error! [type payload]
(->Error type nil payload nil))
(defprotocol ISideffect
(call! [this controller app-db-atom pipelines$]))
(defrecord CommitSideffect [value cb]
(call! [this _ app-db-atom _]
(let [cb (:cb this)]
(reset! app-db-atom (:value this))
(when cb (cb)))))
(defrecord SendCommandSideffect [command payload]
(call! [this controller _ _]
(controller/send-command controller (:command this) (:payload this))))
(defrecord BroadcastSideffect [command payload]
(call! [this controller _ _]
(controller/broadcast controller (:command this) (:payload this))))
(defrecord ExecuteSideffect [command payload]
(call! [this controller _ _]
(controller/execute controller (:command this) (:payload this))))
(defrecord RedirectSideffect [params action]
(call! [this controller _ _]
(let [action (:action this)
params (:params this)]
(if action
(controller/redirect controller params action)
(controller/redirect controller params)))))
(defrecord DoSideffect [sideffects]
(call! [this controller app-db-atom pipelines$]
(let [sideffects (:sideffects this)]
(doseq [s sideffects]
(call! s controller app-db-atom pipelines$)))))
(defrecord RunPipelineSideffect [pipeline-key args]
(call! [this controller app-db-atom pipelines$]
(let [pipeline (get-in controller [:pipelines pipeline-key])]
(if pipeline
(pipeline controller app-db-atom args pipelines$)
(throw (ex-info (str "Pipeline " pipeline-key " doesn't exist") {:pipeline pipeline-key}))))))
(defrecord RerouteSideffect []
(call! [_ controller _ _]
(controller/reroute controller)))
(defn prepare-running-pipelines [pipelines]
(fn [acc name ps]
(concat acc (mapv (fn [[id p]] {:id [name id] :args (:args p)}) ps)))
[] pipelines))
(defrecord WaitPipelinesSideffect [pipeline-filter]
(call! [_ _ _ pipelines$]
(let [running-pipelines @pipelines$
filtered (pipeline-filter (prepare-running-pipelines running-pipelines))]
(when (seq filtered)
(let [promises (map #(get-in running-pipelines (conj (:id %) :promise)) filtered)]
(->> (p/all promises)
(p/map (fn [_] nil))
(p/error (fn [_] nil))))))))
(defrecord CancelPipelinesSideffect [pipeline-filter]
(call! [_ _ _ pipelines$]
(let [running-pipelines @pipelines$
filtered (pipeline-filter (prepare-running-pipelines running-pipelines))]
(when (seq filtered)
(reset! pipelines$
(reduce (fn [acc v] (dissoc-in acc (:id v))) running-pipelines filtered))
(defn commit!
Commit pipeline sideffect.
Accepts `value` or `value` and `callback` as arguments. Value should be a new version of app-db.
(commit! (assoc-in app-db [:kv :user] {:username \"retro\"}))
If the callback argument is present, this function will be called immediately after the app-db-atom is updated.
This is useful if you want to force Reagent to re-render the screen.
([value] (commit! value nil))
([value cb]
(->CommitSideffect value cb)))
(defn execute!
Execute pipeline sideffect.
Accepts `command` and `payload` arguments. Use this if you want to execute a command on the current controller.
([command] (execute! command nil))
([command payload]
(->ExecuteSideffect command payload)))
(defn send-command!
Send command pipeline sideffect.
Accepts `command` and `payload` arguments. Command should be a vector where first element is the controller topic, and the second
element is the command name.
([command] (send-command! command nil))
([command payload]
(->SendCommandSideffect command payload)))
(defn broadcast!
Broadcast pipeline sideffect.
Accepts `command` and `payload` arguments.
[command payload]
(->BroadcastSideffect command payload))
(defn redirect!
Redirect pipeline sideffect.
Accepts `params` argument. Page will be redirected to a new URL which will be generated from the passed in params argument. If you need to
access the current route data, it is present in the pipeline `app-db` argument under the `[:route :data]` path.
(redirect! params nil))
([params action]
(->RedirectSideffect params action)))
(defn do!
Runs multiple sideffects sequentially:
(commit! (assoc-in app-db [:kv :current-user] value))
(redirect! {:page \"user\" :id (:id user)}))
[& sideffects]
(->DoSideffect sideffects))
(defn run-pipeline!
"Runs a pipeline in a way that blocks the current pipeline until the current pipeline is done. It behaves same as `execute! but blocks the parent pipeline until it's done. Return value and errors will be ignored by the parent pipeline."
([pipeline-key] (run-pipeline! pipeline-key nil))
([pipeline-key args]
(->RunPipelineSideffect pipeline-key args)))
(defn reroute! []
(defn wait-pipelines! [pipeline-filter]
(->WaitPipelinesSideffect pipeline-filter))
(defn cancel-pipelines! [pipeline-filter]
(->CancelPipelinesSideffect pipeline-filter))
(defn process-error [err]
(instance? Error err) err
:else (->Error :default nil err nil)))
(defn is-promise? [val]
(if (or (instance? js/Error val) (instance? Error val))
(= val (p/promise val))))
(defn promise->chan [promise]
(let [promise-chan (chan)]
(->> promise
(p/map (fn [v] (put! promise-chan (if (nil? v) ::nil v))))
(p/error (fn [e] (put! promise-chan (process-error e)))))
(def pipeline-errors
{:async-sideffect "Returning sideffects from promises is not permitted. It is possible that application state was modified in the meantime"})
(declare run-pipeline)
(defn action-ret-val [action ctrl context app-db-atom value error pipelines$]
(let [ret (if (nil? error) (action value @app-db-atom context) (action value @app-db-atom context error))
ret-val (:val ret)
ret-repr (:repr ret)]
(if (:pipeline? (meta ret-val))
{:value (ret-val ctrl app-db-atom value pipelines$)
:promise? true}
{:value ret-val
:repr ret-repr
:promise? (is-promise? ret-val)}))
(catch :default err
(if (= ::pipeline-error (:type (.-data err)))
(throw err)
{:value (process-error err)
:promise? false}))))
(defn extract-nil [value]
(if (= ::nil value) nil value))
(defn call-sideffect [sideffect ctrl app-db-atom pipelines$]
{:value (call! sideffect ctrl app-db-atom pipelines$)
:error? false}
(catch :default err
{:value err
:error? true})))
(defn pipeline-running? [pipelines$ running-check-path]
(if (nil? pipelines$)
(get-in @pipelines$ running-check-path)))
(defn run-pipeline
([pipeline ctrl app-db-atom value]
(run-pipeline pipeline ctrl app-db-atom value nil))
([pipeline ctrl app-db-atom value pipelines$]
(let [{:keys [begin rescue]} pipeline
current-promise (atom nil)
context (controller/context ctrl)
running-check-path (flatten [(:pipeline/running ctrl) :running?])]
(fn [resolve reject]
(go-loop [block :begin
actions begin
prev-value value
error nil]
(if (or (not (seq actions))
(not (pipeline-running? pipelines$ running-check-path)))
(resolve prev-value)
(let [next (first actions)
{:keys [value promise? repr]} (action-ret-val next ctrl context app-db-atom prev-value error pipelines$)
sideffect? (satisfies? ISideffect value)]
;;(when repr (println "STARTING" repr))
(let [resolved-value (if promise? (extract-nil (<! (promise->chan value))) value)
error? (instance? Error resolved-value)]
;;(when repr (println "ENDING" repr))
(when (and promise? sideffect?)
(throw (ex-info (:async-sideffect pipeline-errors) {:type ::pipeline-error})))
(if sideffect?
(let [{:keys [value error?]} (call-sideffect resolved-value ctrl app-db-atom pipelines$)
resolved-value (if (is-promise? value) (<! (promise->chan value)) value)]
(and error? (= block :begin))
(if (seq rescue)
(recur :rescue rescue prev-value value)
(reject (or (:payload value) value)))
(and error? (= block :rescue))
(reject (or (:payload value) value))
(recur block (rest actions) prev-value error)))
(= ::break resolved-value)
(resolve ::break)
(and error? (= block :begin))
(if (seq rescue)
(recur :rescue rescue prev-value resolved-value)
(reject (or (:payload resolved-value) resolved-value)))
(and error? (= block :rescue)
(not= error resolved-value))
(reject (or (:payload resolved-value) resolved-value))
(and error? (= block :rescue)
(= error resolved-value))
(reject (or (:payload error) error))
(recur block
(rest actions)
(if (nil? resolved-value) prev-value resolved-value)
(defn make-pipeline [pipeline]
(with-meta (partial run-pipeline pipeline) {:pipeline? true}))
(defn exclusive [pipeline]
(let [pipeline-meta (meta pipeline)]
(fn [ctrl app-db-atom value pipelines$]
(let [[pipeline-name pipeline-id] (:pipeline/running ctrl)]
(swap! pipelines$ assoc pipeline-name {})
(pipeline ctrl app-db-atom value pipelines$)))