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Commits on Sep 19, 2010
  1. @broquaint

    Merge remote branch 'augustf/master'

    broquaint authored
    * augustf/master:
      Added notes regarding slash encoding in Catalyst
      Updated formatting in
      Yet another formatting fix to the README...
      Updated README text in for README generation...
      Almost forgot to add some troublshooting steps...
      Modified README with more details on FCGI deployment with Apache
Commits on Sep 9, 2010
Commits on Aug 23, 2010
  1. @zts

    Fixed typo in core.css

    zts authored
  2. Updated formatting in

    August authored
  3. Yet another formatting fix to the README...

    August authored
Commits on Aug 22, 2010
Commits on Aug 13, 2010
  1. @broquaint
  2. @broquaint
  3. @broquaint
  4. @broquaint

    Limit the number of branches/tags listed by default.

    broquaint authored
    In the quick branch switch and the summary page the number of
    branches/tags is now limited to the paging.summary config
    setting. This way repos with large numbers of refs no longer bog down
    every page or the overview that is the summary.
Commits on Aug 2, 2010
  1. @broquaint

    Fix variable and blame bugs.

    broquaint authored
    - Fix misnamed variable which was giving a syntax error in
    - Fix blame view to display syntax highlighted blobs correctly instead of
    outputting raw HTML.
  2. @bobtfish

    Fix changelog

    bobtfish authored
  3. @bobtfish


    bobtfish authored
  4. @bobtfish

    Version 0.002003

    bobtfish authored
  5. @bobtfish

    Fix for dist versions

    bobtfish authored
Commits on Aug 1, 2010
  1. @broquaint
  2. @broquaint
  3. @broquaint

    Exclude bootstrap related scripts from dist, bump dev version.

    broquaint authored
    * Updated docs accordingly.
  4. @bobtfish @broquaint

    Fix bundling issue by bundling File::Copy::Recursive

    bobtfish authored broquaint committed
  5. @broquaint

    Bumped version and added bootstrap docs.

    broquaint authored
    Not only can this dist be bootstrapped I've even documented how to do it. Also
    fixed up tabs that had crept into a couple of files.
  6. @broquaint

    Initial stab at a working ContentMangler.

    broquaint authored
    The idea is that the Resolver will figure out which Transformer will do
    the mangling. There can only be one Transformer presently, mostly so I
    don't get lost in a sea of complications. Much follow up work is needed
    and ideally another mangler e.g POD.
  7. @broquaint

    Bug fix for merge diffs and a test.

    broquaint authored
    In the case of the merge diff fix we now check if $parent has
    something to be compared against before making a comparison.
    The case of the t/00git_version.t fix is a little more
    interesting. For reasons I don't fully understand running a program
    which writes to stdout in scalar context has $! is set to 9 (aka
    "Bad file descriptor"). Something to do with close-on-exec I think.
  8. @broquaint

    Revert "Merge remote branch 't0m/json' into json"

    broquaint authored
    This reverts commit 68943a8, reversing
    changes made to 0fa199d.
  9. @broquaint

    Handle merges in the diff view.

    broquaint authored
    Now Gitalist::Git::Object::Commit::diff supports returning something
    useful for merge commits. It now shows the difference between the two
    parents of the commit, not sure if it covers octopus merges. Also gets
    you something meaningful in the /<repo>/<sha1>/diff view finally.
  10. @broquaint

    Fix rebase goofs.

    broquaint authored
  11. @bobtfish @broquaint
  12. @broquaint

    Fixed summary and changed a few links.

    broquaint authored
    Having object and summary try to grab the same part of the request was never
    going to work, my bad. Should also have support having summary point at
    arbitrary commits like pretty much every other action.
    Changed repo links to point to summary instead of shortlog.
  13. @broquaint

    Added commit object serialization.

    broquaint authored
    The syntax change for "with ..." is because of what seems to be a bug in
    MooseX::Declare, see
  14. @broquaint

    Fixed failing Content-Type tests.

    broquaint authored
    * Fixed bare repo bug where we were trying to build references that
    didn't exist.
    * Fixed bug where HTML entities were creeping into the atom feed.
  15. @broquaint
  16. @broquaint
  17. @broquaint

    Fix for loadCommitInfo.

    broquaint authored
    Only call _loadCommitInfo when there are corresponding elements to
  18. @broquaint

    A few fixes to get the JSON test working.

    broquaint authored
    Reinstate a couple of changes lost in the merge and update some of the
    docs to be in line with swann.
    The Repository is now exposed for JSON requests.
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