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# Ikiwiki setup automator.
# This setup file causes ikiwiki to create a wiki, check it into revision
# control, generate a setup file for the new wiki, and set everything up.
# Just run: ikiwiki -setup /etc/ikiwiki/auto.setup
# By default, it asks a few questions, and confines itself to the user's home
# directory. You can edit it to change what it asks questions about, or to
# modify the values to use site-specific settings.
require IkiWiki::Setup::Automator;
our $wikiname=IkiWiki::Setup::Automator::ask(
gettext("What will the wiki be named?"), gettext("wiki"));
our $wikiname_short=IkiWiki::Setup::Automator::sanitize_wikiname($wikiname);
our $rcs=IkiWiki::Setup::Automator::ask(
gettext("What revision control system to use?"), "git");
our $admin=IkiWiki::Setup::Automator::ask(
gettext("Which user (wiki account or openid) will be admin?"), $ENV{USER});
use Net::Domain q{hostfqdn};
our $domain=hostfqdn() || IkiWiki::Setup::Automator::ask(
gettext("What is the domain name of the web server?"), "");
wikiname => $wikiname,
adminuser => [$admin],
rcs => $rcs,
srcdir => "$ENV{HOME}/$wikiname_short",
destdir => "$ENV{HOME}/public_html/$wikiname_short",
repository => "$ENV{HOME}/$wikiname_short.".($rcs eq "monotone" ? "mtn" : $rcs),
dumpsetup => "$ENV{HOME}/$wikiname_short.setup",
url => "http://$domain/~$ENV{USER}/$wikiname_short",
cgiurl => "http://$domain/~$ENV{USER}/$wikiname_short/ikiwiki.cgi",
cgi_wrapper => "$ENV{HOME}/public_html/$wikiname_short/ikiwiki.cgi",
adminemail => "$ENV{USER}\@$domain",
add_plugins => [qw{goodstuff websetup}],
disable_plugins => [qw{}],
libdir => "$ENV{HOME}/.ikiwiki",
rss => 1,
atom => 1,
syslog => 1,