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#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;
use Text::MultiMarkdown qw(markdown);
=head1 NAME - Convert MultiMarkdown syntax to (X)HTML
This program is distributed as part of Perl's Text::MultiMarkdown module,
illustrating sample usage. can be invoked on any file containing MultiMarkdown-syntax, and
will produce the corresponding (X)HTML on STDOUT:
$ cat file.txt
[MultiMarkdown][] *extends* the very well-known [Markdown][] syntax.
$ multimarkdown file.txt
<p><a href="">MultiMarkdown</a> <em>extends</em> the very well-known <a href="">Markdown</a> syntax.</p>
If no file is specified, it will expect its input from STDIN:
$ echo "A **simple** test" | multimarkdown
<p>A <strong>simple</strong> test</p>
=head1 OPTIONS
=item version
Shows the full information for this version
=item shortversion
Shows only the version number
=item html4tags
Produce HTML 4-style tags instead of XHTML - XHTML requires elements
that do not wrap a block (i.e. the C<hr> tag) to state they will not
be closed, by closing with C</E<gt>>. HTML 4-style will plainly output
the tag as it comes:
$ echo '---' | multimarkdown
<hr />
$ echo '---' | multimarkdown --html4tags
=item help
Shows this documentation
=head1 AUTHOR
Copyright 2004 John Gruber
Copyright 2006 Fletcher Penny
Copyright 2008 Tomas Doran
The manpage was written by Gunnar Wolf <> for its use
in Debian systems, but can be freely used elsewhere.
For full licensing information, please refer to's full documentation.
=head1 SEE ALSO
L<Text::MultiMarkdown>, L<>
#### Check for command-line switches: #################
my %cli_opts;
use Getopt::Long;
if ($cli_opts{'version'}) { # Version info
print "\nThis is MultiMarkdown, version $Text::MultiMarkdown::VERSION.\n";
print "Copyright 2004 John Gruber\n";
print "Copyright 2006 Fletcher Penny\n";
print "Copyright 2008 Tomas Doran\n";
print "Parts contributed by several other people.";
print "\n\n";
exit 0;
if ($cli_opts{'shortversion'}) { # Just the version number string.
print $Text::MultiMarkdown::VERSION;
exit 0;
if ($cli_opts{'help'}) {
for my $dir (split m/:/, $ENV{PATH}) {
my $cmd = "$dir/perldoc";
exec($cmd, $0) if (-f $cmd and -x $cmd);
die "perldoc could not be found in your path - Cannot show help, sorry\n";
my $m;
if ($cli_opts{'html4tags'}) { # Use HTML tag style instead of XHTML
$m = Text::MultiMarkdown->new(empty_element_suffix => '>');
else {
$m = Text::MultiMarkdown->new;
sub main {
my (@fns) = @_;
my $f;
if (scalar @fns) {
foreach my $fn (@fns) {
die("Cannot find file $fn") unless (-r $fn);
my $fh;
open($fh, '<', $fn) or die;
$f = join('', <$fh>);
close($fh) or die;
else { # STDIN
local $/; # Slurp the whole file
$f = <>;
return $m->markdown($f);
print main(@ARGV) unless caller();
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