@keeferrourke keeferrourke released this Jul 30, 2018 · 17 commits to master since this release

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So it's been a while...

I'm so appreciative of all the interest and support for this project provided by the community. So I really do owe you another versioned released.

This is a bug-fix and icon-request release.

In the next 0.7.0 release, look forward to:

  • Complete folder-color support
  • Hardcode-tray support


Like last release, I won't list every affected icon (it's a lot!), but here's what went down:

  • Added lots of new icons
  • Redesigned lots of new icons
  • Normalized a ton of icons to follow our official design guidelines
  • Fixed a couple display / rendering bugs
  • IMPORTANT: added a window.svg which GNOME Shell (and possibly other environments) looks for as a fallback if no other icon exists. You need this icon on your system.

Hope you enjoy, and happy theme-ing!

@keeferrourke keeferrourke released this Sep 3, 2017 · 181 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

It's finally here!

Thanks to everyone that submitted feedback on issue #162, I really appreciate it.
La Capitaine is really shaping up to be an awesome, complete icon pack, and it wouldn't have been doable without help from the community.

Roadmap from here on...

There are, at the time of writing this, 74 open issues in the Github issue tracker. Most of these are icon requests, and I'd like to get them when I can, but it likely won't be for a while. I'm heading back to uni for the fall semester this week, and I want to focus on more of my programming projects. I still plan on actively maintaining this project though — there is a lot more design work I want to do 😁

In the next few releases I want to address more icon requests and...

  • Add complete folder-color support
  • Add hardcode-tray support


This is a huge release so I'm not going to list every icon that was ever changed since v0.4.0. Here's the general list of changes:

  • Added lots of new icons
  • Redesigned lots of new icons
  • Reduced size of icon pack by a significant margin
  • Added basic folder-color support
  • Redesigned folders

Hope you enjoy, and happy themeing!

@keeferrourke keeferrourke released this Dec 25, 2016 · 396 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • added official support for Solus OS and Budgie desktop
  • added proper theme support for KDE Plasma (thanks @DarkknightAK!)
  • fixed icon display/resolution bugs in the theme index
  • tweaked a bunch of symbolic action icons (margin/scaling adjustments mostly)
  • moved actions/16x16 -> actions/22x22
  • tweaked 16x16 places icons
  • tweaked state-* icons for ownCloud/NextCloud
  • updated lots of emblem icons
  • modified/tweaked applications:
    • 0ad
    • 2048
    • 4kvideodownloader
    • BattleNet
    • World of Warcraft
    • 8-ball pool
    • Adobe AIR
    • Adobe Reader
    • Adobe Update
    • Abiword
    • Accessibility
    • Accessories (archivers, calculator, character-map, dictionary, document-viewer, image-viewer, media-converter, painting, text-editors)
    • Image/disk burners/rippers (Acetone, Acidrip, Brasero, etc.)
    • Chrome/Chromium
    • Steam
    • Sublime text
    • Terminal applications
    • Ubiquity
  • redesigned:
    • Software centers (gnome-software, ubuntu software center, yast-software)
    • Tor Browser (old circular alternative icon still available)
    • Terminix (more closely resembles original icon now)
    • Youtube (circular alternative also available)
  • new icons:
    • Ubuntu SDK IDE
    • Wireshark
  • symbolic icons:
    • updated for GNOME 3.22+
    • device icons
  • added/updated mimetypes:
    • Budgie *.desktop alternative
    • Keepass/KeepassX (updated)
    • Löve game files
    • pkcs12 certificate files
    • Revelation password manager
    • Solus packages (*.eopkg)
    • C/C++ source and header files

@keeferrourke keeferrourke released this Nov 23, 2016 · 427 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

I'm considering this to be a minor release even though there are a lot of changes. This serves as a stable point prior the next release which improve KDE compatibility.

  • Updated and added some Chrome apps:
    • Google Calculator (fixed symlink)
    • Chrome Gmail (fixed symlink)
    • Google Calendar (fixed symlink)
    • Google Docs (icon redesign!)
    • Google Drawings (icon redesign!)
    • Google Drive (fixed symlink)
    • Google Keep (fixed symlink)
    • Google Maps (fixed symlink)
    • Google Photos (icon redesign!)
    • Google Play Books (fixed symlink)
    • Google Play Music (fixed symlink)
    • Google Play Store (fixed symlink)
    • Google Plus (fixed symlink)
    • Google Sheets (icon redesign!)
    • Google Slides (icon redesign!)
    • Google Hangouts (icon redesign!)
    • Chrome Remote Desktop (new icon!)
    • Chrome SSH Terminal (new icon!)
    • Chrome Youtube (icon redesign!)
  • Added:
    • Electrum bitcoin wallet
    • GNOME-Characters
    • Rstudio
    • Slingscold
    • LÖVE
    • Several YAST2 apps
  • Updated/redesigned:
    • Eclipse IDE
    • GNOME Software (getting ready to update all other software stores to match this style)
    • Remote Desktop Viewers (incl. Teamviewer)
    • Several YAST2 apps
  • Cleaned up some old icons
  • Fixed folder icon sizing in places/scalable
  • Fixed Terminix symlink (com.gexperts.Terminix)
  • Updated GNOME app symlinks for support of GNOME 3.22+
  • Probably more :)

@keeferrourke keeferrourke released this Oct 10, 2016 · 460 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • new icons
    • Jetbrains Appcode
    • Jetbrains Clion
    • Jetbrains Datagrip
    • Jetbrains IntelliJ
    • Jetbrains PyCharm
    • Jetbrains ReSharper and ReSharper C++
    • Jetbrains Rubymine
    • Jetbrains Webstorm
    • XFCE power manager settings
    • hex editors (ghex, hex-editor, hexedit...)
    • GLabels
    • gnash
    • MATLAB
    • GNU Octave
    • radiotray icons
  • new symbolic icons
    • gedit
    • GNOME Weather
    • network wired devices
    • network server
    • system preferences
  • new mimetypes
    • keepass2
    • keepassx
  • redesigned icons
    • Jetbrains PHPStorm

@keeferrourke keeferrourke released this Aug 25, 2016 · 487 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

visual-changelog-v0 3 0 svg

  • new icons:
    • KBibTex
    • CryFs
    • Google Chrome Dev
    • Jitsi
    • OpenArena
    • Palemoon
    • Rocket Chat
    • Umbrello
    • Xcfa
    • added many new symbolic app icons (used by GNOME in the top bar)
    • added missing emblem icons
    • added missing action/status icons
    • added samba (smb) mimetypes
    • and more!
  • updated/redesigned icons:
    • Thunderbird
    • Icedove
    • Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • Google Chrome Beta
    • Google Chrome App List
    • Chromium App List
    • archive managers (File Roller, Ark, etc.)
    • Tor Browser
    • password managers
    • system preferences and tweak tools
    • default fallback icon
    • cpu/hardware information viewers
    • painting accessories
    • Redshift
    • Gummi
    • disc burners and ripping software (Acidrip, Acetoneiso, Nero, etc.)
    • Lollypop music player
    • Bomi
    • Tomahawk music player
    • Kodi
    • internet news readers/rss
    • Github
    • messengerfordesktop
    • and more!

@keeferrourke keeferrourke released this Jul 29, 2016 · 519 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • updated/redesigned icons:
    • ALSA mixer GUI (as alternate icon)
    • Yahoo! mail
    • Bitcoin
    • Git GUIs (gitg, giteye, et.al.)
    • GNOME Weather
    • ownCloud (with circle variant)
    • Transmission Bittorrent
    • 16x16 places icons
    • location status icon
  • added new icons:
    • Chromium B.S.U.
    • Codeblocks
    • Firewall-config/Firewall-applet
    • GNOME Online Accounts icons (Facebook, Flickr, Google, MSN/Microsoft, ownCloud, Pocket, Yahoo!)
    • JDownloader
    • Mega sync (mega.co.nz)
    • Evolution preferences icons (Contacts, Certificates, Composer, Accounts, Network Proxy)
    • Evolution symbolic icon
    • Skype for Linux Alpha
    • Terminix
    • Redshift status on & off
    • Steam folder
    • ownCloud folder
  • Minor tweaking:
    • Alien Arena
    • Kwrite
    • Evolution

@keeferrourke keeferrourke released this Jun 20, 2016 · 542 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • updated/redesigned lots of icons
    • Tor Browser
    • ownCloud client (tilted square and circle variants now available)
    • GNOME Weather
    • GNOME Books (and other e-book readers)
    • dictionary and thesaurus icons
    • text editors
    • disc burners
    • scanners
    • Google Chrome apps (Play Store, Play Books, Play Music, Google Keep)
    • and more...
  • added some new icons!
    • Messenger for desktop
    • Visual Boy Advance game emulator
    • MESS and MAME
    • Godot

@keeferrourke keeferrourke released this Jun 6, 2016 · 556 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

Cleaning upstream

@keeferrourke keeferrourke released this May 31, 2016 · 562 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

A few fixes from v0.1...

  • fixed some broken symlinks pertaining to the clamav and clamtk icons in apps/scalable
  • made paths in configure.sh relative