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Emacs Configuration Files


In order to use this configuration, you must have cask installed.

Clone the repository and update all required submodules

git clone git://
cd .emacs.d
cask install


In order to provide preview capabilities with the markdown plugin, you need to install a markdown converter. For Fedora, you can install it with

sudo yum install python-markdown2

The use of the global tagging system requires the emacs-global extension.

sudo yum install emacs-global

In order to get the syntax highlighting in exported PDF documents from Org Mode, you need to install the python pygments and LaTeX minted packages.

sudo yum install texlive-minted
sudo python3-pip install pygments

Scala integration requires a couple of tools. Obviously, you must install scala and sbt, but also the ensime-sbt-cmd plugin. Follow the documentation in the github README for installation details.

The Jedi program requires a couple of manual steps. virtualenv must be manually installed. Once jedi.el has been installed, you must execute the command



After setting your GOPATH and PATH variables as appropriate, there are a few packages that need to be installed to use the full power of my go configuration.

In order to jump to definitions or to describe go objects, you must have godef installed.

go get
go get -u
go get -u