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Scale by area

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commit 00f006b6fd6ebb3a75555ea29c1cbb2d0ed615c1 1 parent c5748dc
@keenerd authored
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11 pacgraph
@@ -645,13 +645,16 @@ def legal_links(tree):
#print('worst shared packages:', biggest_packs(tree)[:20])
#print('most crucial packages:', biggest_packs(invert_tree(tree))[:20])
-def pt_sizes(tree, min_pt=10, max_pt=100):
+def pt_sizes(tree, min_pt=10, max_pt=100, by_area=False):
"size in bytes -> size in points"
- sizes = [node.size for p,node in tree.items()]
+ norm = lambda n: n.size
+ if by_area:
+ norm = lambda n: n.size / len(
+ sizes = [norm(node) for p,node in tree.items()]
min_s,max_s = min(sizes), max(sizes)
convert = lambda s: int((max_pt-min_pt)*(s-min_s)/(max_s-min_s) + min_pt)
for p, node in tree.items():
- tree[p].font_pt = convert(node.size)
+ tree[p].font_pt = convert(norm(node))
return tree
def prioritized(packs):
@@ -977,6 +980,8 @@ def parse():
help='Compare shared libraries.')
beta.add_option('--show-req-by', dest='show_req', action='store_true', default=False,
help='Includes required-by of specified packages. Only works for arch-repo.')
+ beta.add_option('--by-area', dest='by_area', action='store_true', default=False,
+ help='Represent sizes by the area of the name, not the pt of the name.')
options, args = parser.parse_args()
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